Sunday, February 21, 2010

Illustration Friday - Propagate

The first thing I thought of (after looking up the definition of propagate) was this dandelion.


...the two gardens in our back yard. They are very large and came with the house. At first there were vegetables growing in them.  Now, after 4 months of neglect and cold weather....not so much. Just weeds. Eh. I'll clean them up during spring break!

(I hope you see it like I do. At first my husband saw a map with palm trees and roads. So I added the fence, mulch and grass. Better?)


  1. love the black-and-white illo especially, very cool stuff!

  2. I knew what it was right away, but can understand why Daniel would see it the way he did. Very good work - love you! Mom

  3. I agree! I'd love to see more of your b&w...your pen and inks have a great look! Nice!

  4. Oh yea... should have signed it since I was anonymous...
    Kristin K. ;-)