Monday, June 6, 2011

Third Time's a Charm!

One not-so-successful show, one semi-successful show, and now one very successful show!

I guess third time really is a charm!

Etsy Denton is such a fun, friendly, and supportive group! 
It was such an honor being part of their bazaar because I'm not officially part of the group. 

I met some wonderful vendors and customers who were all very encouraging and complimentary of my work, both jewelry and artwork. And had some good sales while I was at it!

Karin, owner of Blossom Shop, was on the left of me. We were originally put next to each other at my last show at Indie Genius, but we both moved spots to be in one that was less windy. I said that we were meant to be friends because we were put next to each other again! She make beautiful antique jewelry and one-of-a-kind pieces. No two are alike! Turns out that we live 5 minutes from each other too! Even more proof we're destined to be best friends, huh?! 

To my right was Cherry's Creations. She makes jewelry (also very different from mine) and wall crosses. Her daughter, Ella, was there helping out too. It was Ella's 13th birthday! She fell in love with one of my watercolors, so I traded a cross for the painting as a birthday present for sweet Ella. I enjoyed getting to know Cherry and Ella. A very sweet family! 

Christie Cone was there too! She was behind Cherry's booth, so near buy, but honestly there was a steady flow of people almost the whole time, so I didn't get to chat with her a whole lot. That just means we get to grab coffee this week, right Christie!?

Lessons learned this time around:
1. I can carry two gridwalls at the same time, which means I can zip tie them together ahead of time so they form a right angle and are ready to go with just tightening of the ties. And they will stand up while I tie all 4 together, and the best part is it doesn't require any help to set up!
2. Figure out a way to make fewer trips to/from the car. Two have to be used on the gridwalls, so my goal is now to figure out how to get the rest in one trip (ok, two at the very most!). Note to self, buy plastic tubs with lids!

3. Karin showed me how to organize my jewelry better so I don't have to use baggies to store them in, which makes it a LOT faster to set up and tear down. Off to buy some of those plastic bins too!

4. I MUCH prefer indoor shows to outdoor shows! This was in a nice and cold air conditioned room, with just the right amount of vendors to keep customers looking, but not so many that you'd get overwhelmed and want to leave. No tent to have to deal with, no heat to brave, no wind to have to suffer through either. As Goldie Locks would say, it was just right!

Here are a couple pics of my set up. There was just enough space for me to stand next to the paintings and get out of the way or right behind the table to help customers.
I seemed to find a good flow for my booth!


  1. Congratulations on a successful show :)

  2. Yay!! It was fun to do another show with you...I look forward to the next one and the coffee date!!