Sunday, February 19, 2012

Color Chart

Wow this took waaayyyyyy longer than I expected! 

I had never made one of these before but I'm not sure why.

I learned so much!!
(Like, why did I think I needed that many different reds?! --but the reds do look a little more diverse in person)

Even though this isn't the best picture, I thought I'd share it anyway. 

If you have paints laying around (I just happened to use watercolor),  I highly recommend it! 


  1. Your color chart is way more attractive than mine! lol You should frame it!

  2. i love this, Nikki!
    And just for my bird're just mixing the colors from the x and y axis? :)

    Happy Easter, friend!

  3. Thanks sallie! And yep...all the colors along the side and top, so the do end up duplicating but it still looks pretty :)