Monday, January 25, 2010

Rabbit Trails

My husband tells me that I go on too many rabbit trails when we have, you know, discussions, but why should that be limited to just our conversations?

I've started a blog, mainly about art, but already want to go on a rabbit trail with a story about our new pets.

Lucy is our yellow lab who was born at the beginning of Oct, 2009. She's about 25 Lbs. Molly is our tabby cat who was born at the end of Oct, 2009 and she's only about 4 Lbs. Aren't they cute!?

We currently leave Molly in my studio over night, while we are at work, and well, generally most of the day for a variety of reasons. Mostly safety from Lucy. Last night though we decided to open her door and give her freedom for a bit while we crated Lucy and left for an errand.

When we got home, everything seemed to be OK. Molly greeted us at the door. Lucy was waiting patiently for us to visit her. I went to let Lucy out of the crate and to let Daniel take her outside, when I noticed something inside the crate that was not there when we left.

I picked up the unrecognizable object and was flabbergasted.

It was my glove (or what was left of it).

I had received a new pair of gloves for my birthday last month and was using them to walk Lucy when it was cold out, so I'd keep them on top of her crate by her leash. To give you an idea of the damage, here's the glove that Lucy couldn't get to.

Turns out Molly loves to get up on the dog bed that's on top of the crate (I'll explain in a minute) and play with the basket of toys, towels, and gloves. While we were gone she had played with the glove and managed to get it close enough for Lucy to pull through the crate.

It's literally been eaten. Not just chewed up. All the (fake) leather is completely gone (aka ingested) except for the pinky. The cotton lining is still there, but pretty torn up. Luckily the brass buckle managed to get wedged next to the crate and was out of site and could not be ingested (But I guarantee it would have been).

Luckily, this is the only item (so far) to have been completely ruined. There is a tiny hole in the corner of our ottoman though and also a small one in her dog bed (which is why it's up on the crate and currently not in use.)

So to all you who I have spoken with and explained how tired I am and how much work this puppy is, here's my proof! We LITERALLY can't take our eyes off those puppy teeth.

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  1. Ok, the photo of the glove is rather shocking. I've always heard about teething puppies, but didn't think they'd go this far! I'm so sorry - at least it wasn't a good shoe!