Thursday, January 28, 2010


A friend of mine from church wanted a painting for her dining room. She wanted a triptych made of tall skinny pieces for a specific spot on a dark red wall. She gave me general colors and free reign. 
Here is the beginning of the process.

I really struggled with the color of the background.  It changed several times because I knew I wanted a lighter color to contrast with the red wall, but I didn't want it to look too pink. I think the right one is the actual background. 

It took me a while to decide what to do because the breaks between the canvas is where I normally tend to put the subject matter (Rule of Thirds) so this was more of a challenge. But I was up for it! After I made the Christmas painting for my sister-in-law, I decided I liked that imagery and decided to use some of the same ideas. 

Here is the only picture I have before the final product.

I could have sworn that I took more pictures of the in-between stages, but I cant seem to find them. The brown/orange vase on the left was originally a yellow bowl, but it looked too much like a banana to me, so I changed it. My friend suggested a flower on that side, so I made it a vase. The top right was too empty, so I though I'd try another flower. It looks too stiff to me though. So...

This is the final look (I couldn't decide which picture to use, so I used them both!) The right flower disappeared and the edges are painted dark brown like the table thingie.
Enjoy, my friend! Love ya!

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