Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break - Project #1

 I love lists!
I love to make lists for my time off. 
I'm on Spring Break and have made a long list. 

Clean the house (I'll spare you the details)
paint (anything and several things)
re-caulk the tub
make a dog bed cover
pull weeds
plant herbs and summer flowers (is it time for this?)
deposit mulah
find a mat for under dog bowl
wash car
vacuum out car
watch recorded shows
hang out with friends

See...I told you it was long. I'm sure I've forgotten stuff too.
I've already crossed off a few things! One of which was make a necklace holder. I got this idea from a magazine (I think it was Real Simple  Found it!) years ago and this is the third version I've had. I had to limit my choices to just a few of my favorite pieces for the space I chose.

I chose an old frame (which I'll probably end up painting later) that is 11x14" and wrapped the backing in a purple scrap fabric I found at a craft store (for about a buck) and attached it with a glue gun to the cardboard in the frame. I removed the glass and used sewing pins to hang the jewelry.

It's such an easy way to display your beautiful jewelry! Give it a shot.

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