Sunday, May 22, 2011

5 Reasons Why I love ArtFire! is an amazing platform to sell (and buy) your handmade or vintage goods. 
 And here are 5 reasons why (in no particular order). 

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

1. ArtFire Customer support is the best! 
They are always checking in on forums, answering emails, and creating help guides for you to peruse at your leisure and to make your business a success. AND...If you sign up for a Pro account there even a number you can call and speak to a real person!

2. SEO is key!
The ArtFire team works really hard at making sure you understand all the techy lingo by providing a vast supply of help guides and forum posts to make it super easy to understand. You always have access to them in case you forget after a while.

3. The support of the community is incredible.
I have not met anyone on ArtFire who is not super friendly and willing to help out. If you are struggling getting your first sale, having SEO troubles, have a silly question, need critiques, or just want to get to know other sellers, you have come to the right spot. There is a vast amount of knowledge not only from the ArtFire staff, but also from the other sellers. It's a very positive environment and supportive place to have a business.

4. The staff listens to sellers requests...and makes them happen!
I know that on other venues similar to ArtFire, sellers beg and plead for certain things to change, get updated, or added and we end up not feeling heard. Nothing changes. 
Not at ArtFire. Your suggestions are heard and are either in the works, soon to be added, or if not possible, then you will at least get a viable reason as to why it can't/won't be least they respond to your request and make you feel like your opinions matter, right?!

Other sites have a ridiculous amount of fees for the seller. Listing fees per item, percentage of sale fees, and expiration dates on listings. 
Not so at ArtFire!! 
One monthly fee is all they ask. You get unlimited listings, (and all the perks mentioned above plus some) and they do NOT take a percentage of your sales! You can keep more money in your pocket and prices lower for the customer too! 
Now, who doesn't like saving money?!

I really couldn't recommend ArtFire enough to other here's your chance!
If you sign up through a friend (me) you get you're third month FREE! 

Interested? Have questions? Let me know what you think. 

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