Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lesson Turned Into Art

I was working on a stamping demo with my students the other day and showed them how to use a stamp to create repeated patterns and radial designs. 

In the picture below, the purple radial design in the middle was my stamp example and 
I also showed them water-soluble crayons they could use (it created all the color in the background).

One of the girls pointed out that it looked like tie-dye. 
I didn't even notice till she pointed it out, but I agree!

I used a piece of paper from a book that was laying on the floor in my classroom. 
It had some random paint splotches on it, but I think it adds character.  Then after I stamped and colored it, I added the words in sharpie. It was a quick little piece that took about 15 minutes.

5x7" Mixed Media

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