Friday, March 25, 2011

Illustration Friday - Toy

When I got the topic for this week on Illustration Friday 
I immediately thought of one one we have in the art room at school.

It's recognizable to most adults, but I'm not sure if kids these days are playing with them. 
So maybe I see them as more of an antique toy. 
Or maybe retro. 
I'm not sure I really understand the difference between the two.
Either way, it's an old toy we use in still lives to teach cylinders and color.  

2.5x3.5" Mixed Media


  1. oh I remember this toy! It's a classic. nice work.

  2. oh, yeah. This was a favorite when really small. Loved the colors and shiny smooth surface.

  3. Absolutely, this one's a classic! Wonderful work! If you're work is a reflection of your teaching, I bet you're the best art teacher! Sooo fun! Thank you for stopping by my blog, brought me here.

  4. What a playful piece. The colors are super and my babies enjoyed this toy when they were younger.

  5. We had one of these! I had forgotten! I love the colors here and the texture in the background.

  6. Kaily has 3 sets of this toy and we still can't ever find all the rings. Great drawing!

    Love you, Mom