Friday, March 11, 2011

The Process of an ATC

I was working on Artist Trading Cards (also called ACEO's) 
with my students the other day and I made one of my own at the same time. 

My instructions for the kids was to create a background, focal point and embellishment, 
so I followed my own rules too.

I started by misting the background with orange watercolor.
I really liked how the corners didn't get any color. 

Next was a focal point. I wanted to include a letter, but not because it had any significance. I just wanted it for the overall shape - trying to forget what letter it was. So S was chosen for the size, curviness and movement. 

Finally I added the embellishment - orange dots. But it was still too boring so I added the green with colored pencil around the white areas. Again, I still wasn't satisfied. I needed some way to tie it all together. 

Blue dots!!

I love how it's hard to tell if the blue dots are oozing down the page 
or if the green/orange is covering the dots.

1 comment:

  1. Cool! I like how the orange dots are floating up from the "S" into the mouth of the blue dots!