Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Red & Brown

One of our dear friends, Clint, got engaged this weekend (YAY!) and his fiance, Lisa, stayed with us while they were in town this week. I had not met her yet because she lives in NY, but was so excited to have her staying with us and wanted to fix up our guest room so that it was a special place for her to enjoy.

But I needed to clean it!!! 

So I cleaned out all the junk we had just thrown in the room, bought a khaki bed skirt, put a cranberry red duvet cover on the bed, and picked red daisies from our garden and put them in a small vase on the dresser for her. The only thing it needed was something on the wall. 

A painting above the bed! 

The problem was that I didn't have much time, so I knew it had to be simple and quick. I knew I wanted khaki and red to match the bed and I was thinking stripes at first, but that didn't feel right. It needed to be a bit more feminine, but not super girly. Yep. Flowers. But abstract (no time, remember!)

Here's the final product:

Acrylic on canvas 24x36"

And the best part about this whole thing is that she absolutely LOVED it! Turns out red is her favorite color and she loves it paired with brown (who knew?!). 

So I gave it to them as their first wedding present!

I loved meeting her and couldn't be happier for the two of them. They are perfect for each other! Congrats you guys!

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