Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Your Opinion

I have started this painting and can't quite decide what to do about outlining, 
so I thought I'd get your opinion.

Which do you like better? ...

(no outline detail of the piece)

(this is the whole piece just with Photoshop outlines in black and white)

So let's take a vote. Leave a comment as to which you prefer. 
No outline, white outline, or black outline?

Thanks for your help!


  1. I like black outline or no outline. Different looks but like both.

  2. I think the white makes them pop forward and the black makes them fall back. The white looks more modern to me and the black more subtle. Now I'm confused, I don't know which I like better. I think I like the outlines but which one, I'm not sure. :)

  3. Love the painting and really like the idea of white outlines.