Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Illustration Friday - Artificial

I went to an art conference last week and we worked a lot with repetition and made our own stamps. So repetition, pattern and rhythm were on the brain for my Illustration Friday entry. 

Here's my train of thought...See if you follow. 

Artificial. Artificial sweetener. Eh. Artificial Intelligence. Computers. AI. Repetition of AI. Stamping is easiest. Make AI stamp. Oops...drew it out so it would stamp backwards. Start over. Complementary colors are always nice. I like blue and orange together. Must stamp darker on lighter. Orange washed background. Blue stamp. Like the repetition, but kind of boring. Want to keep it simple though. Computers. Hum. Information. Transferring info. How would the info get from one letter to the next? Solid and dotted lines. Need little bits of detail to break it up and add balance. I like squares. Seems like a computer chip. Green. Red. Yellow. No yellow! Not a stop light. But ew..not Christmas either. Green, red, and orange. Yeah. Placed around page to balance. Enough lines? Yep. Each letter has a line connected. It feels finished. 

I hope you like it.

5x7" Watercolor, Stamp, Ink


  1. Great pattern! I like your train of thought. What did you make those great stamps with?

  2. Thanks! I used E-Z-Cut Printing Blocks from Dick Blick. It's super soft and easy to cut. Almost to a fault. I made a star last week at my conference and it didn't make it home in one piece. (even my nail took a chunk out of it!) If you're careful with it though, it's great stuff!