Thursday, September 9, 2010

ACEO Happy

I recently made some more ACEO's (Art Cards Editions & Originals).
It's a great way to collect art without spending a lot of money since they are the size of baseball cards (2.5x3.5").

Here's my latest design with watercolor and ink.

There are two more that I made as a set to be purchased together or individually on my Etsy shop.

Stop by and have a look if you have time.


  1. that is a cute piece..great pic


  2. What an awesome picture! I like how you incorporated the block and the color of the background.

  3. Way to go -- I love it! I've been working on some ACEOs too! I like the manageable size and how you can come up with something good in a reasonable amount of time! Time is always my downfall...not enough of it for sure!

  4. I love the patterns and colors! Great idea to use the block in the picture and the blue really sets it off. Good eye!