Monday, September 13, 2010

Michael Recycle

I had the opportunity to babysit for my nieces this weekend and here is a little something we made during dinner. Allow me to introduce him to you. 

His name is Michael Recycle, but not the same guy as in the book
This is Maddie's version illustrated by yours truly.

Let me start from the beginning. 
I drew what she asked for and later she colored him in.

That's spaghetti hair (sauce and all) with a bottle cap head.
Stick on googly eyes, part of a triangle nose, cheerio mouth with milk mustache and peanut ears. 
His body is made of paper and his legs are string cheese (later I learned its the striped yellow ones, not just the plain white ones). 
And of course the hands and feet are acorns. 
 She didn't finish by bedtime so I didn't get an "after" shot. I'm sad too because she did a great job staying in the lines! 

I'll see if I can get the updated photo for you.

What would your recycle man look like?

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